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Occupational Therapist, OPA
Founder, Destiny's Ride


Myoelectric, activity-specific and body-powered prostheses

Handspring Hero Since


Success Story

Jodie’s smile and laugh are contagious! Jodie is a dedicated mother and wife. She is an inspiration to all of us. Jodie sustained a work related right below-elbow amputation when she was 16 years old. The Handspring team has had the great pleasure of working with her since 2015. Jodie has been a lifelong lover of horses. After her injury she found great power, strength and confidence in continuing to work with horses. This ultimately led Jodie to establish Destiny’s Ride, an all-inclusive equestrian program offering classes and individual sessions in horseback riding, therapeutic riding and riding for amputees.

As I modified my previous skills to accomplish things with one hand, I realized that the power, strength and confidence I had received from the horses could be applied to all areas of my life. I joined the swim team and the courage and strength I needed to swim with and in front of everyone who had two hands, I attribute to the horses.

The horses never judged me. They accepted me for who I was, and they allowed me to find out that I am just like everyone else - I can do everything that others can do. I look a little different, but that doesn't mean I'm limited in what I can achieve in life.

As time passed, I excelled in many areas of my life. I attribute this to the horses and the skills they helped me learn about patience, persistence and maintaining my focus. The horses taught me to follow through with my vision, dreams, and the task at hand, to reach my greatest potential.

Jodie spent close to 30 years without using a prosthesis, changing her hand dominance from right to left in the process. However, as many upper-limb amputees experience, after so many years of relying heavily on one hand, she developed overuse syndrome in her left hand. This led Jodie to contact Handspring.

What Stands Out

I lost my dominant hand in 1985, less then 5 years later in 1990 I walked away from wearing a prosthesis and I swore I would never wear another prosthetic device ever again primarily due to the many challenges I had faced in those 5-years.
Fast forward to 2015 and it was the best decision I made walking through Handsprings doors. From the first day I was treated with the utmost care respect, they listened to all my concerns answered all my questions enabling me to feel at home.

Handspring truly is a company that cares deeply about each and everyone of their patients, they are always there to answer questions, appointments are made quickly as they do everything in their power to resolve the issue with your prosthesis so you can get back to living your life to the fullest.

To this day I’m very grateful for the Handspring team, and I am very thankful that I found them eight years ago! I plan to be a life long patient, I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Jodie

Sage Advice

Regardless of our own disabilities, we are all on a journey to have a life filled with love, joy and happiness - and we were meant to have fun along the way! Embrace the challenges and setbacks, knowing you are right where you are suppose to be, and there is a happy ending to everyone's story - even yours.

Handspring Heroes

Maggie - Handspring Hero wearing activity specific prosthesis riding a bike
Chris - Handspring Hero and Olympic Skier on a slope
Dan - Handspring Hero wearing prostheses to operate a racecar
Marty - Handspring Hero wearing prosthesis in office
Lee - Handspring Hero wearing prosthesis

Providing holistic, specialized care in upper & lower extremity prosthetic rehabilitation.

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