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Each patient’s individual situation with their insurance and finances is extremely personal and is an important piece of the care process.

The financial aspects of patient care often impact, and impede, a patient’s rehabilitation. And as a result, assisting with the financial process is a key component of the Handspring Patient Care Process.

The Administrative Team at Handspring has decades of experience in facilitating a wide range of insurance procedures so that our patients receive timely authorizations and the broadest funding available. By dedicating substantial resources to this difficult but necessary part of the patient care process, Handspring patients can focus on what really matters—their independence.

Handspring accepts Medicare, Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation, Veteran’s Administration and most other private insurance plans. As part of the Handspring process, a personal treatment plan is developed for each patient which will assist with the insurance authorization process.

Help from Insurance Experts

At this time, Handspring works closely with the following insurance plans.



Private Insurance

Workers' Compensation

Veterans Administration

Contact us to find out if we participate with your health insurance plan.

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