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Payment for prosthetic devices and services is now based solely on the information in the prescribing physician’s records.

Therefore, in order to be in compliance with Medicare and receive reimbursement for services prescribed, we require the following information from your medical records on your patient whom we are serving:

  • Physical examination.

  • History of amputation: Reason(s), date(s), and side(s).

  • Assessment of the patient’s functional potential. Include limitations and capabilities with examples of activities of daily living.

  • Patient’s desire to ambulate.

  • Status of residual limb(s).

  • Status of prosthesis (if applicable) including past experience.

The full staff at Handspring would be happy to help you and your staff with any questions you have about these documentation requirements.

For any assistance with these new CMS rules, please call Handspring at 1-800-593-9318.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Documentation Examples

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This Type of Note Will Not Allow Your Medicare Beneficiaries to Receive O&P Care

example of a bad note
placeholder image - blank

This Type of Note Will 

example of a good note

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