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What is the Excelerated Care Program?

This distinctive approach to upper-limb prosthetic patient care is designed to allow Handspring patients to resume their normal lives—returning to work, recreation, and spending time with family—in a much more timely fashion. By condensing each stage of the patient care process while incorporating occupational therapy training, Handspring patients achieve a higher level of proficiency with their devices from the start.

Excellent Care + Accelerated Treatment = Excelerated Patient-Centered Outcomes

Why Did Handspring Create the Excelerated Care Program?

With patients traveling from around the world to work with the Handspring Clinical Team, it was important that we develop a patient protocol that allows us to complete the patient’s treatment process in as short a period as possible—and often within one week—while producing positive patient outcomes. After years of refining this protocol, we have customized our team and our processes so that we can create success for our patients utilizing this program.

A traditional fitting process might look something like this and include multiple intermediate visits for adjustments and training.  

The Excelerated Care Program eliminates the need for some of these visits and instead plans for multi-day fittings where we can achieve the same goals with less travel time or the distractions of other appointments. 

How is the Excelerated Care Program different from “standard” care?

The difference is all about time. We assist our Excelerated Care Program clients in arranging local accommodations that are comfortable and conveniently near our office. This proximity allows our clinicians to schedule multiple daily sessions to include all aspects of the prosthetic fitting process as well as occupational therapy. These services seamlessly contribute to a successful final outcome. Using the standard care protocol, clients schedule a series of convenient appointments, but these visits are planned over several weeks. This traditional pathway can take weeks to complete but can yield comparable, excellent results.

Excelerated Care Locations

Absolutely thrilled with the service I received at Handspring! After losing my hand 11 years ago, I finally got a prosthetic hand this year, thanks to the incredible expertise and support from specialists Chris and Laura at Handspring. They went above and beyond to assist me with paperwork, insurance issues, and every step of the process. Their dedication and compassion made all the difference in improving my quality of life. I cannot thank Handspring, Chris, and Laura enough for their exceptional care and the effectiveness of their help. When I first started doing calligraphy again with my right hand, after all these years, I was overwhelmed with emotion, tears streaming down my face. Words cannot express the depth of that moment and how much it means to me. Thanks to them, I'm now able to resume my passion for calligraphy, something I thought I'd lost forever. I highly recommend Handspring, Laura and Chris for anyone in need of prosthetic services.

 - Amir - 

Providing holistic, specialized care in upper & lower extremity prosthetic rehabilitation.

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