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Activity-specific prosthesis

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Success Story

Eric Nelson has always been an active man.

Prior to his traumatic work-related injury, you would find him working as an electrician, waterskiing, riding motorcycles and dirt bikes. He even had his pilot’s license and purchased a plane with a couple of friends, which allowed him to fly at his leisure.

When Eric was 30 years old, he lost both of his arms in a high voltage electrocution accident. Due to the severe burns, he had both arms amputated above the elbow.

Eric has relied on his body powered arms with hooks since his accident in 1983. He now enjoys riding his road bike long distance in the mountains, playing keyboard in his church, and volunteering at a local food bank once a week. He has flown a plane once with his prostheses, but finds the flight simulator game in his basement pretty close to the real thing.

What Stands Out

He has always loved the ocean and jumped at the chance to scuba dive with Denver Adaptive Divers. The instructors soon realized that Eric’s only limitation underwater was the inability to control the buoyancy compensator to ascend, descend, or orally inflate the critical piece of equipment necessary to scuba dive.

We helped remedy this problem by creating a scuba prosthesis for Eric.

Sage Advice

Collaboration with Eric and the instructors brought his dreams of scuba diving to fruition.

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Providing holistic, specialized care in upper & lower extremity prosthetic rehabilitation.

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