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Creating Your Socket

A well-fitting socket is essential to success with a prosthesis.

The socket is the component of a prosthesis that interfaces with the residual limb. If the socket doesn’t fit well, you are at risk of developing sores or wasting energy while you are walking.

Sockets That Fit

The most important part of your prosthesis is the interface between your residual limb and the rest of the prosthesis – the socket. A poorly fitting socket can cause pain, wounds, and setbacks in your rehab. Check out the information below to understand common myths about your socket.



My socket will hurt until I get used to it.

You should not be in pain when you wear your socket. It should feel snug and like it is formed to your limb. Pressure should only be applied to tissues that can handle it. Redness should go away after about 10 minutes. Come in for an adjustment if your socket is causing you pain.

My socket should be easy to put on.

A well-fitting socket should have some resistance when you put it on. This means pressure is being applied to the whole leg, not just the very bottom, supporting and distributing your weight.

My socket only needs to cover the bottom of my leg.

The socket must come up to the next joint in order to provide proper stability and suspension. Because you are missing a joint, the socket must interface with the next highest joint to properly control your skeleton.


3-D Scanning and Printing

Handspring started with a simple idea and a desire for change. Our medical professionals wanted to improve the process of providing patient care and at the same time, utilize the latest advancements in lower limb prosthetic technology. This combination creates custom care and solutions to meet the needs of each individual.

Handspring has been hard at work integrating 3D printing and scanning into our care in order to provide you with more options and better care.

There are many steps that go into making a well-fitting socket.

Creating a Socket

Walk all day, walk smoother, walk with confidence and greater safety.

Providing holistic, specialized care in upper & lower extremity prosthetic rehabilitation.

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