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Salt Lake City


Residential Director at Sunrise RTC


Partial Hand Prosthesis

Handspring Hero Since


Success Story

Outdoor activities like hiking and canyoneering are my passions. I thrive in nature and cherish the thrill of exploring new places. I earned my psychology degree in 2020 and have been dedicated to the mental health field since 2019. In September 2023, during a playful tug of war at work, the rope tightened around my hand, resulting in the loss of my thumb.

Tug of war: 1, Me: 0.

What Stands Out

I am deeply impressed by the Handspring clinic in SLC. Megan and Tim, along with their dog Riley, exhibited genuine care and compassion throughout my journey. Their attentiveness and dedication to ensuring the comfort and effectiveness of my prosthetic were commendable. The positive atmosphere of the clinic was evident to me from the moment I entered, especially seeing a satisfied client leaving with a smile.

Sage Advice

Reflecting on my experience as an amputee, my advice is to embrace support from others. Fortunately, I had the unwavering support of friends and family during this challenging time. If feelings of isolation arise, it's essential to seek assistance. Initially, losing my thumb felt devastating, and I contemplated facing the ordeal alone. However, I soon realized the importance of having a support system. Humor played a significant role in my healing process. I even have a water bottle with the inscription "OKBDYHTT?" which humorously translates to "Ok, But Do You Have Two Thumbs?" Through the support of loved ones and maintaining a sense of humor, I've come to understand that I am more than just a girl with one thumb.

Handspring Heroes

Maggie - Handspring Hero wearing an activity-specific prosthesis while riding a bike
Jodie - Handspring Hero wearing a myoelectric Prosthesis riding a horse
Dan - Handspring Hero wearing prostheses to drive a racecar
Courtney - Handspring Hero wearing an activity-specific prosthesis riding a horse
Lee - Handspring Hero wearing prosthesis

Providing holistic, specialized care in upper & lower extremity prosthetic rehabilitation.

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